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State-of-the-art recognition technology listens to your every note, allowing Simply Piano to act as super effective and fun guiding teacher.
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Step-by-Step Curriculum With Hundreds of Skill Building Lessons

Sight-Reading Lesson Examples

  • Finger numbers and correct hand posture 
  • The C Position 
  • Rhythm Basics - quarters & half notes 
  • Left hand introduction - basic chords 
  • The D, F and G positions 
  • Neighbor note thumb technique 
  • The scale cross-over slide-under technique 
  • 2 hand coordination practice
Simply Piano Teaching App

Notation & Theory Lesson Examples

  • Intervals
  • Triads 
  • The C, D, F and G Major scales 
  • The different periods in music history
  • Ties in music notation 
  • The key signature 
  • Dotted notes 
  • Syncopated Rhythm Patterns
Simply Piano Teaching App
  • The chord letter symbols 
  • Block chord triads
  • The left hand basic chord bass
  • Your first 4 chords (C,D,E & G) 
  • The rock & ballad chord styling 
  • Blues chords & swing 8th 
  • Jazz & rock’ N’ roll accompaniment 
  • The 2-5-1 pattern
  • The alternating bass
  • Slash chords
Simply Piano Teaching App

Chords & Accompaniment Lesson Examples

Simply Piano will make piano learning super fun & effective. No more excuses - just give it a try.

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I have progressed from not knowing anything about the piano or reading music to now being able to read and play with both hands. I am amazed at how quickly I am picking up the piano

Katie, 39 yrs old, Brazil

This app has been transformational. It's fun, informative, with good pace adapting lessons to ones own progress. I've grasped more in the last three weeks than I have in the last forty years trying to learn music

Chris, 64 yrs old, UK

In just 2 months, my 10 year old went from an interest in the piano, to playing Beethoven! After a few more weeks, he was playing The Entertainer. He can also look at sheet music and read music that is not in the app.

Monika, Keith’s Mom

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