Piano Maestro FAQ

What is JoyTunes?

JoyTunes is a music education startup. JoyTunes' mobile apps combine a wide range of music education methodologies with the latest in gaming features to motivate practice and dramatically improve player's skills in an interactive and fun way.

What is JoyTunes' mission?

JoyTunes is passionate about all things music. Our mission is to enable anyone to learn and play an instrument of their choice. By working in conjugation with music teachers JoyTunes thrives to create educational tools influenced and shaped by music educators themselves. JoyTunes apps are proven to dramatically improve musical instrument playing by motivating practice and focusing on key skills.

How did JoyTunes come to be?

The idea of JoyTunes came to Yuval, JoyTunes' Co-Founder & CEO, while visiting his nephew one day. Tom was much more interested in playing his Wii, and showing off the skills he mastered, than playing his piano. Tom’s mother could not tear him away from his game counsel for 10 minutes to practice his piano, with a huge argument ensuing. This is where the light bulb went off in Yuval’s head. Why not combine the aspects of video games with music? And from there – the idea JoyTunes was born

Why is Piano Maestro Free for Teachers?

As part of our ongoing partnership with our wonderful community of teachers, Piano Maestro is free (just!) for registered teachers and their students. When we thought more about our partnership we realized that any true partnership should not be restricted. We came to the realization that in order to solidify our partnership, and assist all students in improving their piano skills, Piano Maestro needed to become free.

How do you make money if its free?

Piano Maestro is free (just!) for registered teachers and their students. Those learning without a teacher still need to become paid members to access all piano maestro content.

How do I get started?

  1. Download Piano Maestro
  2. Create an account and identify your role (teacher, student, parent)
  3. Create multiple profiles (siblings, students)
  4. If you are a teacher, make sure to connect to your student- learn how here. Upon connecting you will receive weekly progress reports.

The piano cannot hear my playing, what do I do?

Please make sure to check the following:

1. Have you downloaded the newest version of Piano Maestro?

2. Have you enabled microphone in the iPad settings?
To do so in iOS 8:

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Go into Privacy
  3. Go into Microphone
  4. If it is not on turn it on; if it is on already let us know.

3. Have you made sure that the mute switch on the side of the iPad is not on?

4. We do know that some strange behaviors may occur if the side switch is set to lock rotation. A possible solution is:

  1. Go to your iPad settings and choose General->Use Side Switch To ->Mute.
    This will make sure that the side switch indeed controls the mute.
  2. force quite the app (when outside, double press the home button, then long press the app icon at the bottom and close it with the little "-" sign).
  3. Try muting and "unmuting" with the side switch and relaunch the app again.

If after doing all this you are still having issues please email support@joytunes.com

There are red mail icons in the parent/teacher zone, what do these mean?

This is an indication you have a notification.
Check in the parent/teacher zone where the red mail is and then enter that tab. Most likely the notification is that you have a connection request from a student or a teacher.

What is the difference between Piano Dust Buster and Piano Maestro?

Piano Maestro is an in-depth educational tool to study piano. It is a professional tool that can be used by music educators and their students. From a single note to complete pieces, Piano Maestro makes sheet music come to life.

Piano Dust Buster is the ultimate introduction to piano, no previous piano experience needed or note reading skill is needed.

How are ranks earned?

There are two central indicator for a student’s progress with the app: their rank and the chapters they opened in Journey mode.

Students can rank up by playing any song. Tougher songs earn more points, and each rank requires more score than the previous. Note that students can play the same song multiple times and keep gaining score and rising through the ranks.

Rank is more indicative of how much time they have spent with the app, while the opened journey chapters represent how much educational content they have mastered.

I'm a teacher but I don't have an iPad. Can I still add my students?


  1. Have one of your students with an iPad bring their iPad into the studio.
  2. In Piano Maestro open up a "teacher account" and then connect to your student. Find out how to do so here.
  3. Then have your student log out of you account and log into theirs. They can accept the invite and they will then will receive all the content for free. You will also begin to receive progress reports each week!

If other students want to connect to you they can find you via the email you used to sign up as a teacher and you can accept their invitation via the progress report each week.

Do I need to put in an email for students I have who don't have iPads? They will only be using the iPad in my class.

Yes. We recommend you put emails in for your students even if they do not own iPads. This will allow their parents to receive weekly reports on their progress, “share the moment” postcards, and even send the students encouraging feedback!

I have a family with multiple siblings, do they each need their own account?

No. Each family only needs one account. Once the one account is set up, create a profile for each individual sibling. This way, each sibling’s progress will be tracked separately.

I'm a teacher. How do I add my own kids to so they can have home challenges?

In order to connect to your children on your personal iPad:

  1. Go to their profile and click on their name.
  2. Click "connect to home account"
  3. Put in the email : xyz+teacher@yahoo.com. (this is an example, put your email info in where the XYZ is and replace yahoo with whatever email provider you have).

This tricks the iPad into thinking you are connecting to another device when you are really not. After you do so you should be able to connect and assign homework challenges to your children.

Why doesn't my Bluetooth speaker work?

Currently Piano Maestro does not work with Bluetooth speakers due to technical limitations of how we use the microphone for MusicSense recognition.

What cables do I need to connect my iPad to my digital piano or keyboard?

Depending on your digital piano, you may need a usb to usb or a midi to usb cable. Then you can plug headphones into the ipad (not the digital piano) and just turn the volume down on the piano.

My iPad is recognizing MIDI, but I am using my acoustic piano.

Please download app called "MIDI Wrench", reach the state in Piano Maestro where a Midi keyboard is erroneously detected, and send us a screenshot of the MIDI Wrench app to support@joytunes.com . It will allow us diagnose the problem and help you out.